Nordic Capital Partners with EcoVadis to Enhance Sustainable Procurement Practices

Nordic Capital, a leading private equity firm, has joined forces with EcoVadis, a prominent business sustainability rating provider, to empower its portfolio companies with the tools needed to drive transformative sustainable growth.

Enhancing Resilience and Transparency

This innovative partnership will enable Nordic Capital’s portfolio companies to increase resilience and transparency while reducing costs. Backed by a powerful technology platform and a global team of domain experts, EcoVadis’ sustainability scorecards provide detailed insights into environmental, social, and ethical risks across 200+ purchasing categories and 175+ countries.

Empowering Procurement Professionals

As part of Nordic Capital’s Procurement Optimization Programme (NCPO), this partnership connects procurement professionals across the portfolio, maximizing value through strategic procurement, talent development, and key supplier partnerships. An API to the NCPO Engine, Nordic Capital’s customised Source-2-Contract tool, has been built to further enable the digitalisation of the procurement function.

Alignment with Nordic Capital’s Mission

This partnership reflects Nordic Capital’s active approach to ownership and its commitment to driving transformative sustainable growth within its portfolio companies. “Nordic Capital is thrilled to partner with EcoVadis. As a result of this partnership, Nordic Capital will continue to enhance ESG performance across the portfolio, helping investee companies to manage and mitigate risks in their supply chains and efficiently integrate sustainability considerations into their procurement processes. The partnership closely aligns with Nordic Capital’s mission to build stronger, more resilient, and sustainable businesses,” said Alejandro Alvarez, NCPO Director, Nordic Capital Advisors.

Promoting Sustainable Procurement Practices

EcoVadis has been helping businesses reduce risk and drive performance by assessing suppliers’ sustainability practices for over 14 years. “As more than 80% of ESG impacts are typically in the supply chain, we are very happy to see Nordic Capital take a leading role as a private equity firm in prioritising sustainable procurement within their portfolio companies. We are ready to help those companies integrate EcoVadis scorecards into their procurement processes, to monitor and improve the sustainability performance of their supply partners at every stage of their sustainability journey, and accelerate further toward positive impact and sustainable value creation,” said Lazar Armianov, Regional Director of Sales for Northern Europe, Middle East & Africa at EcoVadis.

Final Words

As companies worldwide face growing pressure to adopt sustainable business practices, Nordic Capital’s partnership with EcoVadis is a significant step towards ensuring that its portfolio companies maintain the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. The collaboration will enable Nordic Capital’s portfolio companies to not only reduce risk and increase efficiency but also help them become a driving force in promoting sustainable procurement practices across industries.


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