NELK Boys Net Worth

NELK Boys Net Worth: Estimated in the tens of millions (USD) as of January 2024, driven by YouTube revenue, merchandise, sponsorships, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Unveiling the Net Worth of the NELK Boys

The NELK Boys, a YouTube collective renowned for their prank videos, boast a collective net worth estimated to be in the tens of millions of US dollars. While individual figures vary, their combined wealth highlights their remarkable financial success.

Here’s a breakdown of their lucrative endeavors:

YouTube: Their channel, NelkFilmz, garners over 8 million subscribers and generates substantial ad revenue.

Merchandise: Their Full Send brand offers apparel, accessories, and hard seltzer, consistently selling out and generating substantial profits.

Sponsored Content: Partnerships with brands like SeatGeek and Happy Dad further contribute to their earnings.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Full Send Entertainment, the Happy Dad beverage company, and the Full Send Podcast diversify their income streams.

Individual Net Worth Estimates (as of January 2024):

Kyle Forgeard: $25 million (estimated)

SteveWillDoIt: $10 million (estimated)

Other members’ net worths are less publicly available.

Key Factors Driving Their Success:

Engaging Content: Their controversial yet captivating pranks and challenges appeal to a large audience.

Business Savvy: They’ve strategically diversified their income sources, ensuring financial stability.

Strong Brand Identity: The Full Send brand resonates with their fanbase, driving merchandise sales.


The NELK Boys’ substantial net worth is a testament to their entrepreneurial drive and ability to monetize their online presence effectively. Their diversified business model and loyal fanbase position them for continued financial growth in the years to come.

NELK BOYS: Bio, Personal Life & Career Highlights

Category Details Source
Group Name NELK (stylized as NELK), also known as the Nelk Boys Wikipedia
Founded 2010 Wikipedia
Origin Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Wikipedia
Current Location Newport Beach, California, U.S. Wikipedia
Genre Pranks, vlogs, challenges, interviews, entertainment YouTube channel description
YouTube Channel NelkFilmz YouTube
Subscribers (Jan 2024) 8.06 million YouTube
Key Members Kyle Forgeard, Stephen “SteveWillDoIt” Deleonardis, Salim Sirur, Gabriel Poncio, Aaron “Steiny” Steinberg, Arthur Kulik (“Jimmy Gambles”), Jordan Nwanne (“Cousin Jay”) Wikipedia
Other Ventures Full Send Entertainment (apparel, merchandise), Full Send Podcast, Happy Dad clothing brand Forbes, various NELK social media
Popular Videos “Coke Prank on Cops” (50M views), “We brought Hasbulla to the USA!” (14M views), “The Most Savage Pranks of 2018!” (16M views) YouTube
Awards & Recognition Streamy Award nominations for Comedy and Ensemble Cast (2019, 2020), Shorty Award nomination for Breakout Creator (2019), listed among “Forbes 30 Under 30” in Marketing & Advertising (2022) Streamys, Shorty Awards, Forbes
Personal Life (Selected Members) Kyle Forgeard engaged to influencer Amanda Trivizas (as of Jan 2024), SteveWillDoIt married (2023) Instagram, news articles
Net Worth (Estimates) Individual estimates vary, group net worth speculated to be in the tens of millions (USD) CelebrityNetWorth, various articles



How much are the NELK Boys worth?

As of Jan 2024, the NELK Boys’ collective net worth is estimated in the tens of millions of dollars. Individual members’ net worths vary, with Kyle Forgeard and SteveWillDoIt estimated at $25M and $10M respectively.

How do the NELK Boys make money?

Their income streams include:

YouTube ads: Millions of views on viral videos generate a monthly estimate of $50,000-$100,000.

Merchandise: Their “Full Send” apparel line generates substantial revenue.

Brand partnerships: Lucrative deals with brands like Happy Dad hard seltzer and SeatGeek.

Who is the richest NELK Boys member?

Kyle Forgeard, founder of NELK, is estimated to be the wealthiest member with a $25 million net worth.

How did the NELK Boys get so rich?

A combination of factors:

Viral YouTube content: Risqué pranks and challenges attract high viewer engagement and ad revenue.

Entrepreneurial ventures: Diversifying income through merchandise, collaborations, and beyond YouTube.

Loyal fanbase: A dedicated audience willing to support their brand through merch and partnerships.

Will the NELK Boys keep getting richer?

Their brand momentum and diverse income streams suggest continued financial success. Expanding ventures like their podcast and clothing line could further increase their net worth.

What happened to Nelk’s channel in 2023?

Nelk faced temporary demonetization on their main channel (NelkFilmz) in 2023 due to certain video content violating guidelines. They launched a second channel (“NELK Shorts”) for shorter edits and regained monetization on both later.

Are the NELK Boys still friends?

Despite occasional public disagreements, the core members remain close friends and business partners. Their content often features their camaraderie and collaboration.

What other businesses do the NELK Boys run?

Beyond YouTube, they operate:

Full Send Entertainment: Their apparel and merchandise line with significant online and offline sales.

Full Send Podcast: A popular interview-based podcast reaching a new audience.

Happy Dad Hard Seltzer: Kyle Forgeard co-founded this growing hard seltzer brand.

Do the NELK Boys face legal troubles?

They have encountered legal challenges due to prank content, including lawsuits and police interventions. However, they haven’t faced major legal consequences and continue their activities.

Where do the NELK Boys live?

While their YouTube content often revolves around Los Angeles, their current primary residence is in Newport Beach, California.

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