Kwiff Partners with Adjust to Supercharge Growth of Native Apps

Integration of Adjust’s SDK enhances acquisition and user behavior measurement for Kwiff’s iOS and Android apps.


In a major move to boost the growth of its native apps, Kwiff, the super-charged betting service, has announced a strategic partnership with Adjust, a leading mobile measurement and analytics suite. The collaboration aims to optimize user acquisition and enhance the accuracy of measuring user behavior within Kwiff’s iOS and Android apps. By integrating Adjust’s SDK, the service will initially focus on tracking organic traffic across various events, providing a deeper understanding of user engagement and preferences.


Enhanced Acquisition and Accurate User Behavior Measurement


With the integration of Adjust’s SDK into Kwiff’s native apps, the betting service will benefit from improved acquisition strategies and a more accurate measurement of user behavior. This partnership comes after extensive research that solidified Kwiff’s belief in Adjust’s superior coding and technology compared to its competitors. By leveraging Adjust’s capabilities, Kwiff aims to expand its services beyond tracking organic traffic and include paid traffic sources such as Apple Search Ads, Social campaigns, and In-app display ads.


Commitment to a Seamless Mobile-First Experience


An integral part of the partnership agreement between Kwiff and Adjust is Kwiff’s unwavering commitment to delivering the best mobile-first experience to its users. The focus is on ensuring that players remain within the app and are not redirected through unnecessary steps, providing a seamless sports betting journey. Kwiff’s substantial investment in the development of its native apps to deliver superior performance is complemented by Adjust’s role in maximizing returns through driving traffic and acquiring new players.


Seamless Integration with Existing Affiliate Marketing Partnership


Kwiff’s existing affiliate marketing partnership with Income Access will seamlessly integrate with the collaboration between Kwiff and Adjust. This integration will bring another layer of acquisition through a revenue share model. By leveraging the strengths of both partnerships, Kwiff aims to further enhance its user acquisition strategies and revenue generation capabilities.


Commentary from Kwiff’s CEO, Charles Lee


Charles Lee, CEO of Kwiff, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Adjust, emphasizing how the collaboration aligns with Kwiff’s commitment to providing a mobile-first experience. He highlighted the significance of working with Adjust to acquire players through app stores, which will complement Kwiff’s existing web traffic strategies. Lee’s comments underscore the company’s dedication to delivering a seamless sports betting journey for its users.


Insights from Alexandre Pham, Adjust’s Vice President of EMEA


Alexandre Pham, Vice President of EMEA at Adjust, expressed his delight at Kwiff’s decision to collaborate with Adjust for accelerating the growth of its mobile apps. Pham emphasized the fundamental role of effective measurement and optimization in the success of mobile apps. He further expressed his excitement to witness Kwiff leveraging Adjust’s insights to drive traffic and acquire new players. The partnership between Kwiff and Adjust brings together the expertise and resources of two industry leaders to revolutionize user acquisition in the mobile betting space.




Kwiff’s partnership with Adjust marks a significant milestone in the company’s quest to provide a super-charged betting experience to its users. By integrating Adjust’s SDK into its native apps, Kwiff aims to optimize user acquisition and gain precise insights into user behavior. This collaboration will not only enhance Kwiff’s organic traffic tracking but also extend to paid traffic sources, such as Apple Search Ads, Social campaigns, and In-app display ads. With a steadfast commitment to a mobile-first experience and a seamless sports betting journey, Kwiff aims to solidify its position as a frontrunner in the betting industry. The integration of Adjust’s advanced measurement and optimization capabilities, alongside Kwiff’s existing affiliate marketing partnership, promises to drive traffic, acquire new players, and maximize revenue generation for the betting service.

With this strategic partnership in place, Kwiff and Adjust are poised to shape the future of mobile betting and redefine the standards of user acquisition and engagement within the industry.

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