IMSE technology collaboration by TactoTek and EVO drives innovation in automotive interiors

Finnish IMSE® pioneer TactoTek and German EVO GmbH have announced a new license agreement that aims to expand the adoption of In-Mold Structural Electronics (IMSE) technology in automotive interiors. With EVO’s expertise in mechanical, lighting, and electronics, and TactoTek’s IMSE technology, the partnership creates opportunities for new and sustainable designs for the automotive industry.

Expanding the adoption of IMSE technology in automotive interiors

EVO, a leading engineering services and interior systems provider for the automotive and mobility industry, is a reputed development partner of premium automotive brands. The addition of IMSE technology to their portfolio will enable EVO to offer new and innovative solutions to automotive interior designers. The technology will allow them to experiment with new concepts that merge design with electronics, opening ways by which brands can differentiate themselves in the market.

IMSE technology generates fresh perspectives on design and functional integration

TactoTek’s proprietary IMSE technology ensures differentiated designs that are light, thin, and enhance sustainability while enabling seamless experiences for the users. With its ability to generate design freedom for 3D smart surfaces, and its emphasis on additive manufacturing, IMSE technology is a perfect solution for today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. According to Siegfried Bugl, CEO of EVO Gmbh, “We always seek technology that stands out. IMSE, with its emphasis on design freedom, is a perfect solution for us.”

Scalable technology platform for fast design adoption

TactoTek’s IMSE License for Engineering Partners is a comprehensive package of IP and toolkits for IMSE design, innovation, and simulation to accelerate the development of smart 3D surfaces. The collaboration with EVO will help TactoTek spread IMSE know-how in the marketplace. The objective is to ensure that an ecosystem is in place to expand their market reach. Paavo Niskala, SVP of IMSE Technology at TactoTek, says, “EVO, with their leading engineering and design expertise, is an ideal partner that can help build refreshing designs for automotive OEMs, and this collaboration strengthens our reach with the German OEMs.”


The TactoTek and EVO collaboration to expand the adoption of IMSE technology in automotive interiors is a significant development that will drive innovation in the industry. The scalable technology platform and the diverse set of tools will facilitate fast design adoption, enabling automotive OEMs to differentiate themselves in the market. With this collaboration, TactoTek and EVO are poised to lead the way in the development of smart 3D surfaces that are sustainable, innovative, and seamless.

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